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4 Sales Methodologies You Need to Know

The methods that will help you with sales management

Anyone in sales should adhere to an effective sales methodology for the best results that their sales organization can achieve. There are many sales methodologies to choose from based on your company’s sales goals and the strengths of your sales team.  

Following a sound sales technique can help in a variety of areas including problem-solving, delivering the perfect pitch, and growing as a successful sales team member. Sales managers should be knowledgeable of existing sales methodologies that can be used to streamline their sales process and be prepared to train or hire a trainer to demonstrate how customers move through the sales funnel.

You Need To Know About These 4 Sales Methods

The methods listed here have been studied and perfected by sales experts.

Sandler Training System

The Sandler Training method incorporates a tried and true sales methodology based on leadership, instead of just technique. With easy-to-apply activities and seminars with experienced, full-time trainers, this method offers a measurable way to track training progress complete with online reinforcement.

David Mattson’s The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders is a comprehensive guide for creating a consistent sales process and additional resources are offered nationwide at over 250 Sandler Training centers.

SNAP Selling

Created by Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling was created to bring sales team members to the level of the prospective customer. Sales managers that use this method promote the following four directives to connect with consumers:

  1. Keep It Simple – reduce complexities to make it easier for people to understand and imagine themselves adopting your product or service.
  2. Be iNvaluable – be the trusted expert that your customer expects you to be, including going above and beyond to answer their questions.
  3. Always Align – Make sure your sales objectives speak to the core beliefs of your customers. If a product or service and their beliefs are aligned, the sale makes sense.
  4. Raise Priorities – Know the priorities of your customer and be able to speak to the ways your sale will assist them with achieving their goals.

In addition to following the SNAP directives, this method encourages all sales team members to be on the winning side of three critical consumer decisions: allowing access to their problem, moving away from the status quo, and changing resources for a better experience.

Conceptual Selling  

Conceptual selling is easy to understand. Instead of selling a particular product or service, the salesperson sells the concept. Often, sales managers encourage team members to follow a three-step approach to learn the concept that the consumer is truly looking for.

This sales methodology was created by Robert B. Miller and Stephen E. Heiman and requires sales team members to get information, give information, and get a commitment. This system of giving and getting prevents basic problems from getting in the way by speaking intuitively and intelligently to the customer. What’s most critical about this method is the execution of sales using a CRM solution that mimics the customer’s sales journey. But even without the CRM, managers who need more sales can easily institute the ideas behind conceptual selling.

The Challenger Sale

Written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, the Challenger sales model teaches sales team members to teach, tailor, and take control. The ultimate goal is for a seller to provide insight as to how their solution is right for the buyer and to tailor communication to the industry and audience. This is often accomplished by identifying the sales strengths of the individual team member as a Hard Worker, Problem Solver, Challenger, Lone Wolf, or Relationship Builder.  Third, the salesperson is encouraged to take control of the sale by finding comfort in discussing money and applying light pressure to the customer. This is considered the final step in the Challenger method’s Constructive Tension promotion.

The opinions and views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of GreenSky. For more insight on the Sandler Training method, view David Mattson’s webinar about simplifying your sales process today!

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