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How to Increase HVAC Customer Retention

HVAC customer retention is as important as ever.

The importance of customer retention in the heating and cooling industry

HVAC contractors see the biggest opportunities for customer retention when they start their sale off right. Here are three easy steps to make sure your HVAC customers come back again and again.

Publicize Your Maintenance Packages

Homeowners that schedule HVAC maintenance have air conditioners that last 40% longer.

Your maintenance packages will give you and your customers the biggest bang for your buck. After all, homeowners that schedule routine maintenance have HVAC systems that last 40% longer1. Make sure your customers realize what they’re getting when they are making choices. HVAC systems can last for a decade, so you should make sure you’re getting their business year after year.



Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

HVAC contractors who want to keep their customers should make sure that they always have something on the books. Since HVAC is a seasonal industry, appointments can easily be made 3 or 6 months in advance. You’re the expert, and your customers should receive expert professional service. Make sure each one of your customers is on the books for another appointment. If not, it’s time to call them and make one.

Know (and Share) New HVAC Trends

Customers may not have their ear to the HVAC industry, but you do. As their systems become outdated, you can make sure that they are aware of new technology that can enhance their lifestyle. As HVAC systems become more advanced, your customers should benefit in real-time. A great example of this is making them aware of enhancements in convenience, like systems that they can control from their phones.

Your business should have HVAC customer retention you’re proud of. For even more help with your HVAC business, register for our HVAC Sales and Marketing Master Class.

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