The Biggest Remodeling Trends of 2018

The hot-ticket items your customers want in their remodels

Consumers are projected to spend nearly $340 billion on home improvement in 2018.  That means, the remodeling industry better be ready!

Keeping an eye on remodeling trends is the best way to show up ready with the perfect pitch. Here’s a breakdown of the trends remodelers should be ready to pitch to customers:

  1. Smart Tech in Homes

Customers with a fondness for technology want to have it wherever they can get it! This has resulted in a huge trend towards smart tech remodeling. This includes new updates to their homes like direct wall plug-ins for USB phone chargers, smart locks for entrances, and thermostats that help make homes cozier from afar.

  1. Stronger Protection Against Storms

Hurricanes leave wide paths of damage behind, and homeowners want to be more prepared for the future. This means that areas regularly hit by natural disasters are being rebuilt with increasingly stronger materials. New roofs, siding and windows are making many homeowners feel safer and ready for the next potential storm.

  1. More Millennial Expression

Millennials love to participate in the plans for their remodels. If you want to attract more millennial customers, you should prepare for a more collaborative experience, rich with their creative ideas. Their high involvement in the decision-making process is sure to make millennial projects a blast!

Keep up with the trends that your customers and provide them with the remodel of their dreams. Your business will stay in-the-know about the home improvement industry, and your know-how will give your customers the confidence to dream big!

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