Increase Profitability by Offering Financing

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Contents Why it's important to offer financing 3 What it costs your business NOT to offer financing 5 How to use financing to increase your average ticket size 7 Two types of buyers 8 Picking the right financing plans 9 Let's do the numbers 10 The psychology of the sale 11 Do not allow the cost of financing to hold you back! 12 So, how do you weave this magic for your customer? 13 How to introduce financing into every conversation with every customer 14 Conclusion 15 Growing a business takes a lot of work. Easy-to-use consumer financing solutions are one of the best ways to create satisfying long-term relationships with customers, while outperforming your competition. This e-book will cover how financing can help you grow your business and how easy it is to start using it today. From this e-book, you'll get actionable advice on how you can use financing to close more sales, increase average ticket size, and get paid faster. Introduction

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