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Dear Contractor, Technology has long played a role in home improvement. The invention of the fireplace made it possible to add a second, third or fourth floor to an existing building. In later periods, homes and businesses were wired for electric lighting, telephones and, eventually, data networks. Today, the Internet of Things and smart home technology are creating demand for increasingly complex remodeling projects. Technology enhances the quality of life throughout the home. Homeowners enjoy more comfortable temperatures, cleaner air, simplified shopping, faster cooking, temperature- controlled showers and much more. Smart technology, and the infrastructure required to support it, also increase the complexity and cost of many remodeling projects. That's where GreenSky comes in. By offering financing through the GreenSky® Loan Program, you enable your customers to go beyond their original vision and create the home of their dreams. At GreenSky, we don't just provide the financing they need to move forward. Whenever possible, GreenSky "over-accommodates," approving for more than the requested loan amount. Combined with promotional financing and long-term low APR plans, over-accommodation gives you the opportunity to propose a project that enhances your customer's quality of life, while often increasing the value of their home. Our mobile app, paperless application process, decisions in seconds and staged financing are examples of how we have leveraged technology to bring home improvement financing into the 21st century. So, we invite you and your customers to go for the latest tech. Plan bigger. And live the dream. We'll be here to help make it all affordable. Thank you. Chris Forshay Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing Looking towards the future… See how you can put GreenSky technology to work growing your business - starting tomorrow

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