How Payment Options Help Contractors With More Effective Selling

offer financing to grow your business

Here’s why you should be offering financing for more effective selling

At GreenSky®, we talk a lot about how offering financing helps you grow your business. However, it’s important to understand that the opposite is also true.

If you currently do not offer financing to your customers, there’s a good chance you are:

  • Losing deals you could be winning
  • Missing opportunities to increase the size of many projects

Counting on customers to obtain their own financing can be risky:

  • They may change their minds during the loan process
  • The next contractor they meet with may offer financing and get them to sign on the spot
  • They may assume you will offer financing - if you don’t, you’ll put yourself out of the running

The bottom line is:
For today’s consumer, a quote that does not include financing options is incomplete.

“Just because your customer does not ask for financing, does not mean they don’t want or need it.”

Interested in reading more about how financing can be included in your sales process? Read our white paper, Scaling Through Sales Expertise: A Guide for Business Owners.

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