Grow Your Commission Check

There are three ways to increase sales – and thereby boost commissions: You can get more leads, so you have more opportunities to make your sales pitch. You can close more of the sales opportunities you DO get. OR You can increase the size of your average ticket. Obviously, the optimal choice is to do all three. So, let’s take a look at each of these goals and think of some ways to make them happen. In today’s consumer market, it is essential to offer financing on every sales call to every customer. These days, homeowners expect and deserve payment options that can make your very best work affordable. Remember, you’re not just trying to satisfy your customer, you’re trying to delight them! Download a our free e-book here:

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How Homeowners “Use” Financing
How Homeowners “Use” Financing

Here’s why it’s important to offer financing to every customer, not only those who “need” it. Many people U...