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When a consumer searches "how to finance a home renovation," the results are both plentiful and confusing. Between a series of acronyms—FHA, HELOC and HEL—rate structures, payment calculators and interest rates, the question of where to begin is hard to answer. In fact, the complex nature of many financing processes can send both consumers and residential contractors running in the opposite direction. Fortunately, financial technology has evolved and is now empowering residential contractors with tools to make financing fast and effortless—allowing customers to better understand their options and finance the home improvement projects of their dreams. But in order to stay competitive and grow your business in today's environment, you need to understand the world your customers live in. It's a Tech World—and We're All Living in It Over the last few decades, technology has provided solutions that make life easier—and has shaped a new business landscape. Almost every aspect of our daily lives now involves technology—so as a company, embracing tech can be critical to your success. Customers not only want quick and easy ways to manage their finances—they've come to expect it. And if your contracting business isn't delivering on this expectation, your competition probably is. So what exactly do digital tools bring to the financing table? Mobility These days, people are used to doing everything on their smartphones—from creating grocery lists and organizing their calendars to managing their finances. They want convenient services that meet their needs anytime, anywhere. A financing app puts payment solutions in the palm of your customer's hand to help you make the sale. Speed In a world where time is our most valuable resource, technology has enabled consumer financing to take place in the blink of an eye. Customers are now conducting their personal financial transactions within seconds. And for contractors, time saved means higher sales, happier customers and quicker payments. Be a Cutting-Edge Contractor: Answer Your Customers' Need for Speed " Construction is showing itself to be among the most tech forward and innovative industries." — "Why Construction Pros Love their Mobile Apps," Dan Conery, Newforma TECH TIP Give your customers a great experience—use technology to improve the ease and functionality of your services. Continued >

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