3 Tactics to Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

For most Dental Practice Managers, there is a lot of time spent marketing the practice. Here are a few expert tactics that can help you market your practice:

1. Everything you do is marketing

In my 20 years as a dental office manager, coach, and now marketing leader, I found that a practice has the greatest success when every team member understands the importance of marketing their practice. Each team member has a role to play. Take your "Brand" for example, this is so much more than your practice name and logo. Your Brand makes up every aspect of a patient's interaction with your practice. From the first time they call your practice, to the way they are greeted when they walk in the door, to the experience chairside and how they are treated at check out. Everything you do is marketing and everything you do is part of your Brand. Most important, every team member counts as each one can build up or tear down your Brand which becomes your reputation.

Angela Byrnes – Director of Client Services, Roadside Dental Marketing


2. Encourage reviews

My best marketing tip for dental practices is to encourage reviews. These days, patients can do their own research online and choose the dental practice that looks best to them. One of the best ways to encourage new patients to book an appointment with your practice is through review management. Encourage current patients to leave reviews of your office, providing incentives like a free white strip or premium toothbrush in exchange for a review. This will go a long way in encouraging new business and shining a positive light on your practice.

Alexandra Bohigian - Marketing Director, Enola Labs Software


3.Create a referral program

Though it sounds elementary, a referral program offers many of the most important factors in growth: it utilizes existing patients, it leverages the positive experience of your patients and enables you to control the velocity of growth without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

Granted there are many other marketing methods that could help both small and medium-sized practices to gradually grow, however, I have found that this method has a quicker impact and is much easier to scale.

A note of caution: All promotional methods should be vetted against your local laws and approved by legal professionals before implementation. It is also important to audit your marketing efforts regularly to ensure legal compliance.

Kamyar Shah - Small Business Advisor, KamyarShah.com

The opinions and views expressed are those of the experts and not necessarily those of GreenSky. 

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