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Case Study: 20/20 Institute

LASIK practice in Denver, Colorado

Providing LASIK Services at a Higher Level

20/20 Institute is a premium LASIK practice in Denver, Colorado. Under the leadership of Optometrist Dr. Mark Danzo, 20/20 Institute has grown by focusing on excellent visual outcomes, using high-end technology and providing every patient with an unsurpassed 5-star customer service experience. To that end, 20/20 Institute decided to work with GreenSky Patient Solutions® to improve the quality of their patients’ financing experience.

Saving a New Generation

At the start, Baby Boomers ruled the roost in LASIK. However, the name of the game today is how to attract and serve the millennial generation (patients with a birth date from the early 1980s through the early 2000s). Over the last few years, Dr. Danzo has adjusted his business strategies accordingly. “By far, our millennial patients prefer a closed end loan to an open ended revolving credit card account,” said Dr. Danzo. “They are much more willing to explore credit when it’s for a specific purpose and there is an end to the obligation in sight.”

Practicing Responsibly

Maintaining top-tier medical and business standards are important in LASIK. One major factor in Dr. Danzo’s decision to add GreenSky Patient Solutions® was that, in his opinion, it offered a more “responsible” form of financing.

As Dr. Danzo says, “A part of the 20/20 Institute mission statement reads: ‘All of our decision making will be rooted in believing that what is in the best interest of our patients truly is in the best interest of 20/20 Institute.’ Closed end loans from GreenSky Patient Solutions® for the specific purpose of making a patient’s LASIK procedure more financially responsible meets the objective of our mission statement.”

The Results are Easy to See

The results at 20/20 Institute are overwhelmingly positive. In Dr. Danzo’s words, “More patients are willing to finance, thus we get more procedure volume as a result, so it’s a real win-win.” He’s proud to report a 20-30% increase in revenue growth since offering GreenSky Patient Solutions®.

In addition to the financial growth from offering affordable payment options, it’s also important to understand how giving patients the ability to afford a procedure can positively affect their lives. The GreenSky Patient Solutions® team is dedicated to escorting both patients and practices through all the affordable payment options available.

“We really enjoy working with the GreenSky team because they understand both our patients and our real business operational needs,” says Dr. Danzo. With GreenSky, his practice had an easy transition and he is very glad the he added GreenSky Patient Solutions®.

 Advice to Other Providers

“I would encourage practices to make sure their staff is comfortable with money issues,” said Dr. Danzo. “Most practices I have consulted with are uncomfortable proactively talking about financing. Train staff to proactively present the value of the practice’s offering, the fees and the available payment options, including the differences between a revolving credit card and a closed end loan.”

Helping patients make LASIK financially realistic is a big part of the business for 20/20 Institute. This LASIK provider knows that giving patients an overall 5-star experience is the key to a thriving and growing practice.

GreenSky Patient Solutions® Program lenders are federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions providing credit without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender or familial status. GreenSky, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiaries service the loans on behalf of participating lenders. The opinions and views expressed are those of the provider and not necessarily those of GreenSky. NMLS #1416362