How GreenSky helps solve problems at F. H. Furr

Switching to GreenSky® helped F. H. Furr solve several business problems, which resulted from their previous financing provider’s complicated process. GreenSky makes financing at F.H Furr a seamless process, so anyone - from a novice user to someone experienced with financing - can utilize it. Just as importantly, after a sale is made that includes financing, backend processing is much simpler.

Why F.H. Furr chose GreenSky

  • Ease-of-use for Sales Reps
  • Simple processes for backend operational users
  • Easy for customers to apply for loans
  • Financing for rental and vacation homes

About F.H. Furr

Family-owned and operated for over 35 years, F.H. Furr is the premier plumbing, HVAC and electrical services company in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, the company has consistently been voted Best of Prince William County for HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical.

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