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Understanding Your Buyer: A Guide for Sales Managers

Sales managers can use this slide presentation to make sure that their teams know each buyer inside and out.

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Learning what your buyer wants is critical for home improvement sales success

As a sales manager, you should make sure that your team understands your buyers for better sales. Here are a few tips on the best ways for you to help your team learn how to get to know your customers.  

Understanding your buyer is important for a few reasons. Most importantly because it helps sales teams know how what information consumers really want to hear. Context that is learned during research and conversation with your buyer becomes incredibly useful when you try to close a sale.

With some smart thinking, you can begin gathering ideas about what your buyer might want. For instance: 

  • Baby boomers are predicted to own the market on remodels by 2025.
  • Budget-conscious customers sometimes feel safer with payment plans. 
  • And when it comes to region, homes in the same area often need the same kinds of repairs from natural disasters and the weather conditions.
Training Exercise:
Brainstorm the different types of buyers your team often encounters.
For example, if you’re a remodeling business, imagine the similarities between all of your customers with kids. You can infer that these buyers want flooring that can withstand wear and tear, or they might need functional spaces for the family.


When your team is aware of what phase a buyer is in their journey, they can provide the buyer with information that showcases your business as the right choice at the right time. They should make sure that pitches are personal, full of options and supported with the correct sales enablement tools.

The final goal should be to leave your buyer with a feeling of trust. If your business successfully completed one job and met their expectations, you have a better chance of turning him or her into a return customer or positive reviewer online.


Bolstering your sales with payment solutions is a great way to show your buyers you care about their dreams. Presenting affordable payment options often allows them to think bigger and budget better, while your sales still benefit from the revenue. When you’re trying to show understanding, there’s no better way to succeed than taking the focus off of cost and placing it on value for your buyer.