Presenting Good, Better, Best for Comprehensive Customer Quotes

February 21, 2018

How top remodelers secure their customers’ business every time they pitch

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing to improve upon customer connections when it comes to making quotes?

Providing your customers with a presentation of good, better and best options gives them an array of choices while giving you the opportunity to upsell. It’s the simple strategy that will help you get more business and increase the size of your tickets. Read through the benefits of good, better, best presentations below.

Benefit 1: The Customer Trusts You More

When it comes to affordability, having choices is important. Presenting good, better, best options builds trust with your customers because you are allowing them to choose the option that suits them best. It’s a great way to show that you are keeping their best interest in mind by showing them what can be done on both the low and the high ends of their budget.

Benefit 2: You Can Make Your Tickets Larger

Showcasing a range of options gives you the chance to show customers what can be done with a bigger budget. Remodeling businesses that use this strategy can expand upon their customers’ ideas and show them the project of their dreams. This is especially useful when you provide payment solutions that take the worry out of increasing their budget.

Benefit 3: You Create More Chances for Yes

Your presentation of good, better, best should always be updated and customized for each particular customer. As you continue to give your customers options, you’ll learn more about what they really want – making you a stand-out against your competition when it comes to customer satisfaction. With all three options on the table, you give your customer three opportunities to say yes, rather than just one. This improves your chances of securing their business and closing the deal.


Use the decisions your customers make as data that helps you put your best foot forward with every good, better, best presentation that you make in the future.

If you like learning about ways to improve your sales strategy, view our on-demand webinar about ways to make your business stand out. 

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