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How to Sell More Effectively By Revving Up your Sales Proposals

Making sure that you can give your customers everything they want is critical to a good contractor-customer relationship. 

"Good, Better, Best" sales proposals provides customers an array of choices and give you the opportunity to upsell. This simple strategy will help you get more business and increase the size of your tickets. Here are a few great tips to consider:

Gain your Customer's Trust

A 3-option strategy helps customers make choices that meet their needs. It’s a great way to show that you are keeping their best interests in mind. Show them what’s possible on both ends of their budget by offering home improvement loans as an option. 

Create More Chances for Yes

Create a proposal for each customer. As you continue to leverage 3-tiered strategies, you’ll become more skilled at using payment options to increase sales. With 3 options on the table, customers have more reasons to say yes - improving your chances of closing the deal.

Increase the Ticket Size

Offering a range of options shows customers how much more project they’ll get with a bigger budget. Home improvement contractors using this strategy can expand the customer’s vision without going over their budget. Offering them the affordability of payment options means they get more project and you get a bigger sale.

Understand Your Buyer and Close More Deals

Share our on-demand webinar: Understanding Your Buyer, featuring tips for more effective selling, with your sales teams.


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