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Case Study: Clegg’s Pest Control

Let’s do the Numbers:

According to Clegg’s Pest Control, the GreenSky® Loan Program has helped their business grow by every measure:

Briefly describe your sales process, how financing fits into it and whether it has changed with GreenSky.

Prior to GreenSky, we did not offer financing. That meant our customers had to pay in full when the work was done. They could use a credit card, or get their own financing, of course, but we did not offer it at the time of the sale. When we added the option to get a loan through GreenSky, we were frankly surprised how many customers were interested. The application process is so fast and easy, it fits right into our sales presentation, so we offer financing to every prospect.

In your view, what are the most important benefits of using GreenSky?

In terms of numbers, we have seen a 10% to 20% increase in our close rate. But, we also see happier customers. That’s because a lot of our work requires immediate action. An infestation or wildlife problem is not going to get any better if you wait until you have the cash in hand. Affordable financing means customers can take action right away. It’s really a win-win. We get the order and they get a potentially serious problem eliminated immediately.

Our average order size has increased with GreenSky because customers are able to afford more of our services. For example, a homeowner with a specific infestation problem may decide to move forward with a maintenance program. It really comes down to affordability.

What advice would you give your peers on how to effectively use financing in general and GreenSky in particular?

It’s important to have a well-trained sales force and make sure they are aware of your latest offerings, particularly when you add new people. When we added GreenSky, for example, we trained all of our existing salespeople on how to present financing and added it to our new employee training.

About Clegg’s Pest Control

Reverend Ralph E. Clegg founded the company in 1964 after not being able to find affordable termite control services for his church. Today, his son, Phil Clegg, Sr. is the 2nd generation to head the company, which has grown into a leading provider of pest control services with 13 offices in North Carolina. Clegg’s Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of residential and commercial services, plus bird control/ exclusion, nuisance wildlife control, and more. You’ll find them at