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  • Best Reasons to Offer Financing in Home Improvement2:10

    Best Reasons to Offer Financing in Home Improvement

    In this video, GreenSky’s Reid Benjamin covers a lot of ground in a short time: Some basics like the best reasons to offer financing, and an explanation of the two types of customers.

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  • KBIS Recap 20180:58

    KBIS Recap 2018

    Video recap of KBIS 2018 where GreenSky talked with kitchen and bath remodelers about how financing can give them the power to make more deals.

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  • About the GreenSky Loan Program1:58

    About the GreenSky Loan Program

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  • Increase Profitability by Offering Financing0:34

    Increase Profitability by Offering Financing

    GreenSky Business Development Representative, Mary Andrews, explains how home improvement contractors are growing their businesses by offering financing.

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