Home Improvement Insight: How Contractors Can Close More Deals

September 1, 2017

Three tips for home improvement contractors who want to win their customers

We all know that failure to close a deal is extremely costly. Figures that estimate the average cost of a qualified lead can exceed $350. And that doesn’t even take into account a home improvement contractor's time, or the amount of business he or she loses when they can't close the sale.

But there's great news. Any home improvement contractor that wants to have better sales can do so.  Here are a few tips that will bring you closer to more customers and bigger profits:

1. Be a Know-It-All. Know your products. Know your customers. Know your market. Know your industry. Know your competition. These days, thoughtful research online can help turn your business from a start-up into a well-known name.  Make your brand as strong and memorable as possible.

2. Keep Up With Industry Trends.  Find some great industry blogs, podcasts and publications and read or listen to them every day. Also, check your competitors’ websites from time to time to see what they’re up to. You can be sure they’re checking yours. Don’t forget about local business publications.

3. Know Your Prospects. Even before your first conversation, you can learn a lot about your prospects. If you’re not familiar with the area, check out some realty websites to learn how old the homes are, the average income level, etc. Try to get understanding of what to expect when you meet. Knowing about their neighborhood will impress your prospects and save time.

The key is knowing that having a great product, great pricing and great people may not be enough. You need information to close the deal. That means you need to do your homework. Make sure you have the tools that will help you, not hinder you. 

Financing is a great way to get more leads, close more deals and increase average tickets.  Click here to download our e-book to learn more!

Increase Profits by using Financing

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