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3 Reasons to Offer Home Improvement Financing

You probably know by now that GreenSky makes several types of loans available to your customers. This gives you the chance to identify what fits their needs best. Make offering payment options for home improvement projects a regular part of your sales routine and as an upsell technique. 

Why Offering Payment Options is Important

  • You're able to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • You increase customer spending power.
  • Your Sales Consultant's job becomes easier.

Did You Know?

Over 90% of all GreenSky applications receive decisions in seconds.



Over 90% of all GreenSky® applications receive decisions in seconds.



Offering Home Improvement Financing is Important to:

Your Customers

Talk about financing early. Don't wait until your customer backs away from a deal, whether it's a need or a want. Many homeowners aren't sitting on a cash reserve to pay upfront for the HVAC unit that went kaput during the hottest month of the summer. Even if a home improvement project is budgeted, financing allows you to upsell higher-end products and improvements. 

Your Business

Offering financing helps you close more deals and increase the scope of a project. When you use payment options as a selling tool and not simply a way to get a project done, you exponentially increase your customer's spending power.


Offering financing is a sure-fire way to bring your customer happiness and grow your bottom line. Happy customers become repeat customers and send referral business.

Download  Why Offering Financing is Important to learn more. Share it with your consultants. Use it as a gentle reminder that offering financing to every customer, at every sale is sure to boost their commission check.