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3 Reasons Why You Should be Offering Financing

Young woman excited she is approved for credit card or loan.

Why Wouldn’t You Be? 

The GreenSky® Program offers a variety of financing plans to help your Customers envision their ideal project and manage the expense. That’s why it’s important to make the topic of financing and flexible payment options a part of your standard sales process and your marketing program.

Offering Payment Options is Important Because You Have the Opportunity to: 

  1. Meet Customer Expectations- Today's consumers may expect you to offer financing as a way to support – or, even, increase – their buying power. In addition, many homeowners may not have the necessary cash to pay for their project all at once, especially if faced with the unexpected expense of a new HVAC system or roof.
  2. Help Customers Find their Best Project – By offering attractive loan terms (including promotional financing), you have the opportunity to turn a “nice” project into an amazing, “we love it!” project.
  3. Grow Your Business – Offering financing may give you the opportunity to increase the average order size. Delighted Customers may also lead to better reviews, more referrals, and an increase in repeat business.

Did You Know? 

The GreenSky® Program's mobile app saves you and your Customers time. In addition, it offers a secure way for your Customer to apply for a GreenSky® Program loan where your Customer’s personal data is not retained in the sales rep’s device. It’s available for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Fast. Your customers can enter their application information directly into the application. Most Customers get their credit decision in seconds1

Easy. The application process is intuitive, paperless and user friendly.

Offering Home Improvement Financing is Important to:

Your Customers

Many homeowners may not have the necessary cash to pay for their dream project all at once. With multiple financing plans from the GreenSky® Program at your fingertips, you are armed with what you need to help your Customers achieve their ideal project.

Your Business

Offering GreenSky® Program financing also gives you the opportunity to increase your average order size. In addition, when you include financing in your marketing program, you can expand the opportunities to increase your pool of potential Customers.


Offering financing can help your Customers imagine their ideal project and how they can more easily manage the expense. Delighting your Customers can help grow your Business because happy Customers may provide positive reviews and send you more referral Business.

1Applications with data entry or credit check complications may be decided in a period longer than seconds.