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4 Ways Home Improvement Companies Can Improve Their IT Infrastructure

How home improvement business owners can improve their operations and business management with smart technology choices

Making sure that your business stays ahead of the technology curve is important for any business owner. In the home improvement and remodeling industries, the decisions that owners make about their IT infrastructure can help increase or decrease the efficiency of their operations.

By fixing untimely and outdated processes, business owners can make sure that their operations best support their employees while out on the job. The best way to do this is with an IT infrastructure built around smart technology.

Here are four great places to start when it’s time to make Information Technology a priority:

1) Recruiting for Your Team

Hire the Tech-Savvy

Make sure anyone you hire into your business has the technical skills needed handle their position. During the hiring process, make sure you check resumes for experience with a CRM, digital advertising or smart home technology installations – just to name a few. When hiring, list the specific technology that will be used in the position, so that you can get the best quality candidates possible.  

2) Eliminate More Paperwork

Mobile Apps Make Everyone’s Lives Easier

Mobile apps are as helpful in the office as they are in your customers’ homes. Not only do they bring convenience to your clientele, but it also reduces paperwork and helps manage overhead costs. Finding applications that make sales easier and payments faster keeps your back office moving at a profitable pace.

3) Streamline Business As Usual

Track Your Trucks

GPS technology adds another layer of management that can benefit your business. After all, it’s for more than just tracking deliveries. GPS improves routing, assists with scheduling and helps you observe employee performance. Find the patterns in how individual contractors or crews work, or use it to get all jobs done from east to west!

4) Train Using Tech

Technology-Based Training

As a business owner, you know that regular training for your staff is important. Additionally, you want to make sure that your training keeps your staff up-to-date with the latest in technology. Whether you want to use training and coaching software or create a mobile environment for your training modules, incorporating technology into your training will make it easier to track individual employee progress and provide you with the high tech options that make training more fun than hum-drum.


Your business’ success relies on good decisions surrounding your IT infrastructure. Begin with our list, and then continue to observe the ways that you can support your team with technology that will help them achieve all of your business goals. 

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