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Ask the Expert: Attracting Millennial Customers in Remodeling

We asked a remodeling expert to tell us what he knows about millennial customers. Read his answers to our most important questions about giving millennials what they want. 

What trends have you noticed that millennials prefer in their remodeling projects? 

Fluidity of spaces, openness of spaces. Fluidity here doesn't mean necessarily only "elegantly flowing together," but refers also to the need for changeability, and to the quality of a space to be able to change over time due to changing needs. Openness of spaces, for millennials is not only a physical quality, but it's also a way of life.

What are the biggest differences you've noticed in projects for millennial customers compared to other generations? 

Millennials are more open-minded, confident, self-expressive, upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living. As such, they are more open to design explorations, and willing to venture into the unknown. This willingness is fueled by the charge and excitement of discovering original solutions and ways of addressing design problems that aren't framed at the outset by preconceived images, shapes and forms. 

Once they are invited to become active participants in the design process, they can really contribute in ways that other less open-minded clients cannot. In the 21st century, millennials, even if not abundantly endowed with economic resources, can be very resourceful and become explorers, adventurers and discoverers

How important is it to incorporate smart technology into a remodel for millennials? 

Millennials love technology, they have matured and grown along with the development and growth of technology itself. They love gadgets, and their commitments to a healthier environment they love smart tech especially when it comes to controlling and monitoring the use of energy and of natural resources. 

Finally, what are some of the traits you've noticed about the best contractors in the business? 

The ability to listen, to invite their clients into the decision-making process in taking a very active and participatory role and the ability to be flexible.