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Close More HVAC Sales – Offer Customers Payment Options

Offering home improvement loan options to every client at every appointment is one of the most successful strategies to increase sales without increasing your marketing costs.

Let’s Explore One Example – The Math

The example below assumes your current close rate is about 30% and the average job size is about $7K. If your sales reps each meet with 50 customers every month, they will convert 3 of every 10 leads.

The Breakdown: Payment Options Take Projects from Essential to Awesome

  • Your customer needs a new AC unit, and $7K is their budget.
  • GreenSky® offers them a higher credit limit than originally requested
  • Their project size jumps from $7K to $8K
  • Your annual sales grow by 60%, from $1.2M to over $2M $756K.

The $756K sales increase didn’t require additional marketing costs. Offering to finance helps you sell more to your leads, cultivate relationships with existing clients, and significantly improve lead cost, win rate, and average sale.

Pro Tips

  1. Increase your average ticket size by adding services, upselling more efficient systems, Smart Climate Control like temperature monitoring and air quality monitors.
  2. Market payment options everywhere you advertise your products and services - your website, direct mail, and sales flyers. You’ll attract potential clients and line up even more leads.

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*Numbers are based on internal GreenSky data and are sample data for example only.

GreenSky® Program lenders are federally insured, federal and state-chartered financial institutions providing credit without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender or familial status. GreenSky, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiaries service the loans on behalf of participating lenders.