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Planning Effective Sales Training to Improve Your Sales Team

How Sales Managers Can Plan the Best Training for Better Sales

Chevonna Thomas, Head of Sales Education at GreenSky® says, “In sales, knowledge gives individual sales reps and the teams they are on, the confidence to be successful. Building a confident and knowledgeable sales team starts with training and learning. Without quality training and learning, your sales team is set up to fail.”

With Knowledge Comes Sales Success

Sales managers and trainers need to have the knowledge and tools to fix any problems their team might encounter so that their sales don’t skip a beat. Author and award-winning sales trainer, Dave Mattson encourages sales managers to make sure that their teams are always ready to flex their muscle memory and sharpen their skills.

When it comes to training, Mattson suggests:

  1. Any sales leader responsible for a team should play an active role in their sales training.
  2. Sales leaders should ask their team what they want out of training and check on team progress throughout.
  3. Sales leaders should encourage their sales teams to make a list of new thoughts they had in the classroom.
  4. Always keeping sales teams in the practice of utilizing their skills, with lots of reinforcement.

Sales training should be strategic and memorable. Whether acting as a sales trainer or sales manager, make sure that you’re training your team to use what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Soon you’ll see a team that consistently improves their sales.  


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