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Top 5 HVAC Business Management Apps

Top Applications for HVAC Business Management

The apps business owners and sales managers can use to do better business

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), and other utilities, there are so many apps and programs to choose from, finding the best ones for your HVAC business can seem like a daunting task. It’s an important mission to take on, however.

In addition to improving the efficiency and profitability of your business, today’s consumers prefer to work with a modern business person who uses the latest technology. It will also avoid the situation where you show up with a pencil, a calculator (or, worse yet, a slide rule) and a pad of paper and your competitor arrives with an iPad, a smartphone loaded with apps and a portable projector.

Some suggestions to get you started

To give you a head start, we scoured the web, reviewed industry publications and sought input from specialists to come up with a list of some of the more interesting and useful apps that are currently available. Keep in mind, we are not recommending these programs and apps. You still need to do your own research and make selections based on your specific business needs.

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Top 5 HVACR CRMs to Check Out

The Top 5 HVACR CRMs

A comprehensive business management software system may include modules to handle marketing, estimating, service contracts, scheduling, accounting and more. What’s more, you can forget your old Rolodex and that pile of 3 x 5 cards. Today, it’s called customer relationship management (CRM) and it’s an easier way to keep track of customer interactions.

  1. ServiceTitan: Aimed squarely at home service companies, including HVAC, the system tracks booking rates, estimates sold and other key KPIs. In the field, it syncs job data with the office, builds invoices and integrates directly with the GreenSky financing app.
  2. mHelpDesk: The CRM system is bolstered by other capabilities including scheduling, dispatching, work order management, service contract management, accounting and inventory.
  3. Wintac: This program helps manage a variety of tasks including scheduling/dispatch, service agreements, proposals and accounting. It also includes a comprehensive CRM system.
  4. FieldEdge: If you use Quickbooks, you can eliminate double entry and retain the features you currently enjoy. Other modules automate service agreements, dispatch, marketing, customer history and more.
  5. JobProgress: Specifically designed for home improvement contractors, the system includes workflow management, CRM, estimating, scheduling, operations management and business development. Integration with the GreenSky financing app is in development.

Top 8 HVACR Mobile Apps and Utilities

The Top 8 HVACR Mobile Apps and Utilities

This is where specialization and creativity come in. You’ll find free and inexpensive apps that do everything from calculating system performance to estimating material requirements. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Here are some particularly interesting examples:

  1. HVAC Duct Sizer: Determine the size an HVAC duct run using the constant friction method.
  2. HVAC Calculator Pro: Perform 70 HVAC engineering calculations the easy way.
  3. HyTools: A user-friendly hydronic calculator for HVAC professionals.
  4. Viega Radiant Estimator: Estimates the materials required based on installation data such as square footage and tubing size.
  5. iManifold: Calculates HVACR system performance and troubleshoots system problems using user input and dynamic, live system data.
  6. MeasureQUICK HVAC: A cloud-based dynamic measurement checklist designed to help diagnose system problems.
  7. Refrigerant Slider: Pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter that includes more than 75 refrigerants. One of several apps from Danfoss, an equipment manufacturer based in Denmark.
  8. ASHRAE Psychrometric Chart App: Plot HVAC and other psychrometric processes, then send the results via email. Published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), this app is currently only available for iPad.

Again, these are merely examples of interesting apps we’ve come across that are designed help you sell, plan and manage HVACR projects more effectively. It’s important to do your own research and determine which apps are best for your business and the way you work. 

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