What the #AppleEvent Tells Us About the Future of Home Improvement Contracting

September 14, 2017

The information all contractors should know

Many contractors and home improvement professionals were out on the job during this week's #AppleEvent. Here’s a recap of the basics, so that you can think about your pre-order and get back to business.


Apple debuted three new devices. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X were showcased at the event. Whether you’re trying to review documents, use your leveling app or showcase a project with a client via FaceTime, these new phones have larger screens and better retina displays than previous models.

Apple also announced that the iPhone X will replace Touch ID with Face ID. Instead of scanning your fingerprint, the new phones have the ability to use facial recognition to unlock the device. The improved camera provides iPhone users the ability to participate in augmented reality – an exciting opportunity for the home improvement industry. Though some companies are already using it, augmented reality is sure to take off as one of the top technology trends.

How it Influences the Home Improvement Industry

The #AppleEvent was a starting point for a new wave of convenient technology. Now that these impressive tech features can be in the palm of your hand, you should expect your favorite apps to catch up soon.

Prepare for app updates that include FaceID as an added security enhancement. You should be able to use it in many of the same places that you would use your Touch ID including finance apps and anything else you often protect with a password. FaceID could soon guard the most sensitive information you keep track of with your phones, including customer information.

Finally, the new camera on the iPhone might be the most valuable feature for many home improvement professionals. Now that anyone can shoot video with enhanced viewing capabilities, we should expect more opportunities to use this technology in the near future. Soon, it will become much easier to get customers to “see” your plans for a project by building it in an augmented reality program, which might make it easier to close a deal and meet their customer service needs.

Whether it’s a deck remodel or a big home improvement project, the #AppleEvent featured tools that will be used in the home improvement industry for years to come.


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