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4 Ways to Grow Your HVAC Business

There are four approaches you can use to grow your HVAC business.

How business owners can get the edge on the competition

Ever thought about how you can make your HVAC business stand out from the rest?  If not, you risk getting lost in the crowd. Instead of wondering how you can turn your HVAC business into one that stands out to your customers and puts you ahead, read these tips.

HVAC Systems Aren't the Only Place Technology Belongs in Your Business

Use technology effectively

Are you missing out on business because you haven’t caught up to the latest technology trends to support your business? No matter if your business has been around for 2 or 22 years, it’s important that you make sure you remain cutting-edge.

Could your HVAC business benefit from a customer relationship management software to keep track of business new and old? Many businesses are switching to technological solutions to make operations easier. From the way you keep track of customers to how you accept payments, making sure that you aren’t missing any technological solutions is key.

Choose HVAC Business Solutions That Are Convenient for Customers

Increase your customer focus

One practice that can work into your HVAC business is a customer-focused business model. Though it may seem like putting customers first is a no-brainer, think how much you’re actually making it happen. As an HVAC contractor, what do you provide a customer that makes doing business with you easier than the rest? After all, customer focus is all about making customer’s lives better.

There are two examples of changes that you can put in place to make your HVAC business stand out when it comes to customer focus:

  1. Increase your availability so that customers who work can make appointments after 5pm and on the weekends.
  2. Get online calendar software so that your customers can book an appointment from their phones.

An HVAC contractor who puts customers first will often be top of mind when their heating or cooling goes haywire.

HVAC Contractors Should Keep Their Skills Sharp

Keep learning the HVAC trade after HVAC certification

Variable speed equipment can improve HVAC efficiency by as much as 40%. Do you know all about it?


This is just one example of how you need to make sure that you keep learning the HVAC trade.

Making sure that HVAC contractors maintain a level of technical savvy is important to any business that wants to stay in touch with their industry. Each HVAC contractor on your team should make sure that they aren’t falling behind with the current technical best practice, tools and systems.

Online resources like HVAC School provide HVAC contractors with ample resources like quizzes, podcasts and videos showing important processes. Even quick online refreshers can make a difference in the service that your company provides. Why not take the time to make sure your skill set is up to par?

Adopt Better Sales Strategy to Create More HVAC Business Opportunities

Experience sales acceleration when you improve your strategy

When you’ve made all of the simple changes you can to grow your HVAC business, it may be time to think about your sales strategy. Many business owners who want to see changes in their business know that numbers improve when they dig into their sales processes and methods.

An easy way to think about how you can develop better sales strategy in your business is to think about the most popular services that you offer and how you can position them in a way that makes your customers happier and brings you bigger profits.

For instance, bundling services that customers often request together and advertising them at a slightly discounted rate is a great way to give customers what they want, and something extra that puts your business in the spotlight when it’s time to choose an HVAC service.  Strategic decisions like this, offering payment options and increasing your sales training are strategic moves that will put your business ahead.


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